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11. Effects of Soret, Thermal Radiation and Buoyancy on Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer Flow Past a Semi-infinite Moving Vertical Porous Plate with Chemical Reaction by Oke M.O. and Falodun B.O. Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 67 – 78
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The present study examines the effects of thermal radiation, Soret and buoyancy on an unsteady heat and mass transfer flow past a vertical porous plate. An optically thin fluid is used in this study and we thereby considered the Roseland approximation. The set of equations that govern the flow model are systems of partial differential equations which are non-dimensionalized into nonlinear coupled partial differential equations using non-dimensional variables. The transformed equations were solved numerically using the Crank Nicolson Method. The results revealed that an increase in the Soret term increases both the velocity and temperature profiles while the buoyancy term increases only the velocity profile and has no effect on the temperature and concentration profiles.

Keywords: Free convection, Hydromagnetic, Incompressible, Crank-Nicolson Method, Soret number, Porous medium