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10. Implicit-Explicit Methods Based on Recursively Derived Second Derivative LMM by S.E. Ogunfeytimi and M.N.O Ikhile Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 57 – 66
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In this paper, we propose to present a new class of implicit-explicit second derivative linear multistep methods (IMEX SDLMM) suitable for the numerical integration of stiff systems in ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The IMEX methods are derived by weighted linear combination of two recursively derived SDLMM from second derivative backward differentiation formulae (SDBDF).

Keywords: Implicit-explicit second derivative linear multistep methods (IMEX SDLMM), stability, test problem, vanderpol problem, chemical problem, stiff ODEs

Mathematics subject classification: 65L06, 65M20, 65M20