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Investigation of the Technological Properties of Some Unfired Clay Deposits in Sokoto State by O.Ajana, O.O Ishaq and E.O. Omokhuale (pages 201-204)
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The unrelenting search for affordable, durable and environmentally friendly housing, led to research into new and innovative ways of housing construction. Clay is one of the most abundant natural resource on earth which has been used for years in building homes and other useful finished products for use by man. Unfired clay is a natural material of practical importance especially as bricks in housing construction. However, such unfired clay bricks has not been investigated in Sokoto for their technological properties to know the best for housing purposes.

In this study, hot plate, weighing balance, vernier calliper etc, were used to study to classify the properties of bricks sample collected from seven different local government areas in Sokoto State. Result revealed that the best unfired Clay brick among them is thebricks made from Wurno Local Government area of Sokoto state. It is recommended to be used as building material in the entire State.

Keywords: Unfired Clay, bulk density, linear shrinkage, apparent porosity.