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Determination of Selected Heavy Metals and Human Health Risk Assessment in Fishes from Kiri Dam and River Gongola, Northeastern Nigeria by Orosun M.M, Tchokossa P., Odoh E.O, Orosun R.O, Mark I.B, Akinyose F.C, Ige S.O, Yusuf K.A and Oduh V.O (pages 173-1
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The concentrations of Pb, Cd, Cr, Fe and As in the Catfish and Tilapia from Kiri Dam and River Gongola, Northeastern Nigeria were analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS). The result reveals that these selected heavy metals are higher in Catfish than Tilapia irrespective of the location. Assessment of the health risks due to consumption of these fishes suggests that both fishermen and the general populace are not subjected to a significant potential health risk. The results of this study regarding metal contents in fishes from the study areas also suggest that the consumption of catfish and tilapia from the study area is not free of risks. And that the complex THQ and TTHQ parameters used in health risk assessment of heavy metals provides a better image than using only a simple parameter like the content of the metals in the samples.

Keywords: Heavy metals, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Fish, Health risk, Kiri Dam, River Gongola