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Preventive and Curative control for Terrorism by Akande K.B. and M.O. Ibrahim (pages 57-70)
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In our contemporary society today, act of terrorism, fanaticism, drug-addiction and corrupt practicesare not uncommon. Both government and nongovernmental organization have been putting effort to wage war against such practices. This paper proposed a preventive and curative terrorism model todetermine whether the nation with at least one of these practices could enjoy peace, economic blossom and to sustainthe produce of the control for years.Mathematical dynamic modelis formulated consisting Corruptgroup, Fanatic group and Drug-addict group as the source of terror. The model equations areposed optimally and solved using Pontryangin’s Maximum Principle (PMP) to test for the best strategy. Also, numerical methods (Differential Transform Method, DTM and Runge-Kutta Method, RK45) were used to support PMP.The control of fanaticism is discovered to be the best strategy for controlling terrorism. In addition, knowing best strategy does not guarantee optimality but this research helps in implementation of the known best strategy.

Keywords: DTM, Fanaticism, Mathematical Epidemic Model, PMP and Terrorism