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Homotopy Perturbation Algorithm Using Laplace Transform For Linear and Nonlinear Ordinary Delay Differential Equation by Lawal Oluwafemi W., Loyinmi Adedapo C. and Sowunmi O.S.(pages 27-34)
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In this paper, we couple homotopy perturbation method with Laplace transform method to obtain the exact and approximate solution of linear and nonlinear delay differential equations (DDES). The combination of this two method is called the homotopy perturbation transformation method (HPTM). This method solved DDES without any discretization, transformation or restrictive assumption. It is clearly show that the HPTM is easier to implement than the tradition method and it can be extended for finding the exact solution of some problem which arise in mathematical and engineering sciences.

Keywords: Delay differential equations, Homotopy perturbation transformation method, Lapalce transform method, Exact solution, Hes polynomial