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Phase Transition in the Disordered f-band of Ce3Bi4Pt3 by Okunzuwa I.S, Okunzuwa I.G and Bakare F.O (pages 401-408)
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The strongly correlated electron systems have attracted considerable interest due to its variety of ground state properties. One very important class of these materials is Ce3Bi4Pt3. The study of the behaviour of the gap in this alloy experimentally revealed that it is affected by non-magnetic substitution of the f-electrons; hence, the experimental studies of (Ce1–xLax)3Bi4Pt3 have been carried out. It is therefore necessary to investigate theoretically the effect of La-doping (disorder) on the charge gap (∆c) formation in Ce3Bi4Pt3 in bringing about a phase transition from a semi-conductor to a metal. The theoretical instrument for this work is the periodic Anderson Model (PAM) hybridization term, v and Coulomb interaction, u. The effect of doping (increase in x) can be amplified by the tuning of u at a constant increase of v. This means that an insulator to metal transition can be achieved with a small x.

Keywords: Spin Gap, Charge Gap, Ground State Energy, Hybridization term