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Energy states in Dilute 〖InAs〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x/InAs Single Quantum Well (SQW) Laser by C.I. Oriaku, O.K. Echendu and L.A. Nnanna (pages 367-370)
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In this paper, starting with the band engineering of the dilute bismide In〖As〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x, we investigated the room temperature emission wavelengths of In〖As〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x/InAs single quantum well (SQW). The results of our calculations reveal that the emission wavelengths of In〖As〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x/InAs fall in the range λ=3.7- 5.1μm which can be tuned by the Bi mole fraction of the In〖As〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x well material between 1≤x≤4%. This thus, offers a technologically important Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) In〖As〗_(1-x) 〖Bi〗_x/InAs lasers for varying applications.

Keywords: Dilute bismide, VBAC, SQW, band offset, emission wavelengths, MWIR.