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Geophysical Characterization of Bende Clay Deposit for Industrial Applications by Chukwu G.U., Nwachukwu U.H. and Azunna D.E.(pages 355-360)
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This study evaluates the geophysical characterization of Bende clay for industrial applicability. The clay is obtained from Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. The chemical analysis of the clay showed silica (53.65%) and alumina (26.42) as the major constituents while other metal oxides such as Fe2O3 (2.50%), Na2O (0.45%), K2O (2.7%), MgO (1.52), CaO(0.28) and LOI (12.2) are present in appreciable amounts. The physical analysis showed the firing volume shrinkage of the clay bodies to be (34.40%) at 12500C. The Apparent porosity (12.54%), Bulk density (1.51g/cm3), Water absorption capacity (7.66%) and modulus of rupture (33.05kgF/cm2). The result of this study showed that Bende clay has good industrial potentials and can be utilized in the manufacture of ceramics and fired bricks. However, addition of additives such as feldspar and quartz has a tremendous effect on the properties of the clay body in improving its strength and reduce the amount of warping, cracking and bloating after sintering. Moreso, if well utilized, it will reduce the bulk of clay minerals and materials imported from foreign countries into Nigeria.

Keywords: Bende clay, ceramics, Industrial potentials, physicochemical properties, minerals.