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The Depth to Magnetic Basement and Associated Dykes of the Kuri River Basin, Based on Werner Deconvolution Technique by Dogara M.D.(pages 349-354)
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A total of 62 base stations and 352 detail stations of ground magnetic data were taken in Kuri River basin of Lere-Kauru Area,Kaduna State, Central Nigeria.The data underwent the cascade method of drift correction.The corrected magnetic field values were stored against their field stations and by using the gridding method of interpolation more data points were obtained and then the interpolated data points were contoured to give the total magnetic field map.Werner Deconvolution profiles were carefully chosen and processed in order to define the magnetic basement under the profiles.The average depth to the magnetic basement in most of the profiles under the Kuri River Basin was found to be less than 0.5km.The magnetic surfaces were obtained after carrying out considerable interpretation.Of greatsignificance to this study,however,is the closeness of some depth point solutions obtained for the fairly long wavelength negative anomalies.These solutionsin the Werner Profiles areconsiderable and are associated with magnetic anomaly at depths of about 3km.Obviouslythese higher depths, define some intrusives considered to be associated dykes within the basement structure of the Kuri River Basin.

Keywords: Depth to Magnetic Basement, Kuri River Basin, Werner Deconvolution, Ground Magnetics, Associated Dykes.