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Determination of University of Benin GNSS Calibration Base Accuracy Standard by Olushola S.O. and Ehigiator – Irughe R.(pages 307-314)
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Real-world accuracy and quality assurance of survey observation can only be achieved by performing in-situ check also known as localization on control established by GNSS.This must correspond to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirement for precise positioning.Technological improvements in GNSS receivers has made GNSS surveyingmore attractive to use both in small or vast expanse of coverage. It has the capacity of taken measurement to an accuracy of millimeterin static positioning model.This paper employed the use of differential global positioning system DGPS to confirm the integrity and reliability of the reference base station UB_GPS_100 established in UNIBEN to be used for control densification of three other 1st order control stations.

Keywords: GNSS, Calibration, Base Station, Accuracy, Standard