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Development of Trend Analysis in Geomatics Engineering Using Kinematic Techniques by R. Ehigiator – Irughe and M.O. Ehigiator (pages 299-306)
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Any Engineering structures continue to lose shape and form immediately after commissioning and put to use. These deformable Engineering structures needs to be measured precisely in order to determine the structural stability throughout the live and in frequent and timely manner so as to be able to determine its Trend of deformation. Time dependent monitoring of the structures and analysis can be carried out using Kinematic and dynamic models. Time and position dependent measurements can be processed using the Kalman Filter equation, the displacement with time will help determine the Trend in terms of deformation. The Kalman filter equation estimates measurement parameters using time update and measurement update equations. In this study, geodetic observation was carried out on Crude oil Reservoir for three epochs of observation for the years 2003, 2004 and 2008 respectively. Using Kalman filter model, deformation Trend analysis was carried. Average velocity of 69.381m/s, average acceleration of 3.319m/s2, and average displacement of 0.084m were obtained. We presented some functions for Trend Analysis in Geomatics Engineering in terms of displacement and determination of deformation values of monitoring points on the outer surface of an oil storage Reservoir.

Keywords: Trend Analysis, Deformation Monitoring, Kinematic Model, Displacement