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A Load Balancing Scheme for Dynamic E-Voting System Using Mobile Agents by Ibharalu F.T. and Hammed M.(pages 273-282)
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Dynamic electronic voting system is a voting system that accommodates remote voters to cast their votes irrespective of where they are. It is a potential solution for voter low turnout at the polling station. However, itfaces many challenges for maintaining accuracy and consistency of the voting process. One of the challenges is that a dynamic e-voting system must be able to handle the traffic, or else system performance will be degraded. The dynamic e-voting system need to have a quick response time. In a multi-server environment, if a server is heavily loaded, to achieve a quick response time will be difficult. This work proposed a load balancing scheme for dynamic e-voting system using mobile agent. This approach promises improved efficiency and effectiveness in terms of availability of the system for large-scale election.

Keywords: Dynamic e-voting, load balancing scheme, mobile agent, Hungarian method. =Definition of Terms Used in this Study: