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Managing Information in Fighting Terrorism by Okure U. Obot, Uduak D. George and Samuel S. Udoh (pages 265-272)
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Terrorism has assumed a hydra-headed dimension all over the world. It is more daring in the developing countries with dearth of weapons for fighting the menace. The success in fighting terrorism could be measured by the level of information management undertaken. In this study, information security, an aspect of information management, is studied and the tools used in securing information are presented. One way of securing information is through the process of encapsulation which hides the existence of such information from intruders.  Three algorithms used in doing this are presented in the paper and one of them, the Hide and Seek algorithm, is used for the practical implementation.  An image with 512 bits was used to cover a message of 64-bits. It was discovered that only 27 out of the 64-bits were actually replaced in the 512 bits cover object. This gives 18.96 per change efficiency which does not degrade the image object to a level that will be easily noticed by an intruder.

Keywords: Terrorism, Steganography, Information management, Hide and Seek, F4, F5