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Assessing the Impact of University Library Services on Academic Performance of Students: Exploratory Factor Analysis of a Survey Instrument by Yisa Yakubu and Usman Abubakar (pages 255-264)
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University library provides the needed required materials, data, information, and literature for research, which is crucial to human knowledge and scientific advancement.These libraries are set up to enhance academic output of students. Several factors contribute to determine Students Academic Achievement in the university, however, the extent to which students use library facilities has not been fully considered to be one of such factors. Thus, this study performed an exploratory factor analysis of a survey instrument assessing the impact of library services on academic performance of students in Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria, as part of a project to address this concern.The survey instrument was developed on the basis of a qualitative studyand distributed to 450 randomly selected students, using simple random sampling technique. The instrument included a five-category Likert-type scale with 44 items.Responses to 28 of the survey’s Likert scaleitems were examined, including inter-item correlations and internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha).Exploratory factor analysis was performed to identify domains of students’satisfaction with the services available in the library. It was observed that none of the items were redundant and the scale had appropriate levels of internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha = 0.81). The exploratory factor analysis identified six factors. Factor one,labelled ‘environmental conduciveness’, explained 10.0% of the variance. Factor two accounted for 8.83% of the varianceand was labelled ‘staff courtesy’. Factor three, labelled ‘visiting purpose’, explained 8.56% of the variance. Factor four accounted for 7.93% of the variance and was labelled ‘availability of library facilities’ while factor five, labelled ‘accessibility of library facilities’ explained 7.25% and factor six accounted for 4.94% and was labelled ‘service-improvement program’. The instrument demonstrated acceptable library qualities and appears effective in obtaining valid data, which should assist in assessing the library’s performance.

Keywords: Library services, Academic performance, Survey instrument, Exploratory Factor Analysis