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A Model for Assessing Changes in Youth Body Mass Index by Aigboje P.I, Ikpotokin F.O and Okoh N.A.O (pages 197-204)
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In this paper, a multiple linear regression models were used to explore the relationship in body dimensions and to predict the Body mass Index(BMI)  via anthropometric measurements as well as Age of 100 active students of Ambrose Alli University of students in Edo State, Nigeria. A critical study of the BMI of youth(adolescence and puberty) within the Age of 16 to 25 years revealed how the BMI changes with time(Age), and derived a model that can sufficiently predict the BMI of youths within this Age bracket. The results of the analysis showed that body mass index (BMI) is better estimated using our proposed model. The result also indicated that all the models were of good fit and adequate.

Keywords: Anthropometric Data, Body scale weight, forward stepwise selection procedure, Model Comparison, Multiple Linear Regression.