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Flexural Vibration of Non Prismatic Rayleigh Beam With Non Uniform Prestress Under Concentrated Loads Moving with Variable Velocity by A. Adedowole (pages 131-142)
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In this study, the dynamic behaviour ofthe non prismatic Rayleigh beamwith non uniform prestress under the action of concentrated loads traveling with variable velocity is investigated. The solution technique discussed involves spectra Galerkin’s method, Integral transformation and convolution theory. Analyses of the solutions obtainedwere carried out and various results were displaced in plotted curves. It was found that for the constant and harmonic variable loads moving with variable velocity, the response amplitudes of the beam decrease with an increase in the axial forceN. Effects of other vital structural parameters were also established.

Keywords: Galerkin’s method, non prismatic, concentrated loads, prestress, variable velocity.