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Free Convection Flow Model for Heat and Mass Transfer in Vertical Porous Plate with Radiation, Variable Suction in Slip Flow Regime in Magnetohydrodynamics by Washachi D.J., Momoh A.A., Omokhuale E, Kadzai M.T.Y. and Adamu I.I.(pages 115-126)
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This study proposes a free convection flow model for heat and mass transfer in vertical porous plate with radiation, variable suction in slip flow regime in magnetohydrodynamics. The governing equations are the continuity, momentum, energy and mass transfer equations. The modeled dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations were transformed into dimensionless form and solved by perturbation method with a view to obtain analytical solutions for the velocity, temperature and concentration. Investigations were conducted to examine the effects of physical parameters embedded in the problem which were displayed graphically. Expressions for Skin friction, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers were obtained and they were shown in Table. It is observed that increase in slip condition parameter and buoyancy force lead to a rise in the boundary layer thickness of the fluid and a reverse trend was observed when magnetic parameter and radiation was increased. Computational results of our model shows that the model performed the same except under variable suction where velocity, temperature and concentration increases but as time goes on, it stabilizes at some limit and no longer increase as the increase becomes invisible as variable suction equals one. Furthermore, there is a good agreement with existing literatures when the results were compared. In our model equations the negative sign in the bracket component show that the component can never exceed1,(1-ξe^(-iωt) )<1. This explains why the velocity, temperature and concentration stabilize at some point in our model.

Keywords: Magnetohydrodynamics; Radiation; Variable Suction; Perturbation method; and  stabilize.