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Variation Iteration Method for Solving Schro ̈Dinger Equations Using Adomian Polynomials by Mamadu E.J and Tsetimi J.(pages 11-14)
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This paper considers the numeral evaluation of schro ̈dinger equations using the variation iteration method with Adomian polynomial. The method decomposes the nonlinear term with the Adomian polynomials using some specified Adomian algorithms available in literature. The method avoids procedures such as;qualilinearization, linearization, perturbation or discretization. The method is applied in solving both linear and nonlinear schro ̈dinger equations. The resulting numerical evidences show that the method is accurate and reliable.All numerical computations were performed using the computer program Maple 18 software.

Keywords: Variation iterationmethod, Adomian polynomials, Schro ̈dinger equations, Decomposition method, approximate solution