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WEB BASED NEURAL NETWORK SYSTEM FOR THE EARLY DETECTION OF DEMENTIA by Amienwalan Reuben Ailenoator and Robinson Samuel Akpan (pages 393-402)
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Expert systems are suitable for knowledge-intensive problems that are typically solved by human experts. One of such problems is dementia in the world, over 47.5 million people have dementia and there are 7.7 million new cases every year. This research work is focused on the development of a web-based neural network system for the detection of various forms of dementia in order to solve the problem of getting access to diagnosis over public access platforms as this leads to late detection and unproductive successive medical care. Solving this problem involved the use of Matlab for training a Multi-layer perception artificial neural network using a Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm with existing data sets from doctors in the field of medicine and implementing the trained network using fast artificial neural network (FANN) component in Php (Version 5), a server-side scripting language. The system thus developed is accessible over the public internet by caregivers and patients worldwide.

Keywords: Neural Network, Dementia, Web Based