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Performance Parameters Evaluation of Amorphous Photovoltaic Modules in a Semi-Arid Climate Conditions: the case of Ekiadolor Community, Nigeria. by UCHO L. AND OVIAWE C.I. (pages 347-350)
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The effects of temperature and radiation intensity on the performance parameters of amorphous silicon (a–Si) photovoltaic module have been investigated. An outdoor experimental setup was installed to carry out a series of I–VII parameter measurements under different irradiance and temperature conditions of the module. The module parameters extracted from I–VII measurements were employed to calculate the module performance parameters, i.e. open circuit voltage Voc, Maximum power Pmax, fill factor FF and Module efficiency η at different temperature range and irradiation intensity. Results obtained indicate that the module parameters have significant effect on module performance. Also, the behaviour of Voe, Isc and Pmaxare completely different at higher irradiance and temperature. 

Keywords: Amorphous, irradiance, fill factor, photovoltaic, efficiency.