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Evaluating Pathloss Propagation Using Okumura-Hata Model for Surulere Area in Lagos State, Nigeria. by Ukhurebor Kingsley. E and Aigbe Efosa. E (pages 291-296)
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Good network performance in any wireless network which is a measure of the strength of a signal received is of a great concern to the network provider. The desire in this research work is to use a Path loss Propagation Model that can help in planning better Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network. The data used were collected via drive test. The downlink signal level was collected using test phones, TEMs investigating software (Agilent technology) and info maps.  The base station antenna height is 30m and mobile station antenna height is 1.5m and the average Path loss was measured to be 147.76dB.

The comparison was made between measurement results and Prediction Model (Okumura-Hata Propagation Model) with GSM network at a frequency of 1500MHz. The results were consistent with the Okumura-Hata Model for Path loss Propagation with a little deviation which is, as a result, some macroscopic parameters and this will provide a platform to aid in system optimization process for improving performance also for characterization of the quality of radio coverage.

Key words: Drive Test, GSM, Path loss, Okumura-Hata Model, TEMs