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Application of thermal conductivity/ steady state method in estimating length of metal rods by Alabi A. A* Makinde V, Akinboro F. G, Adewale A. O and Ogungbe A. S and Adebo B.(pages 277-284)
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The paper describes the application of knowledge of thermal conductivity to investigate the variation of length with quantity of heat flow in the metals. The method used is the steady-state techniques, which determines the unknown lengths of metal rods using the amount of heat-transfer in known lengths. The selected rods used in this study are Brass rods, iron rods and stainless steel rods with different thermal conductivities. Each of the metal rods was cut into three different lengths; the longest which is 22.0 cm was set as known, while the other two lengths were referred to as unknown (been the length to be determined). Estimation of lengths of the rods were made by measuring the amount of heat-transfer rate in the known length of the same type metal rod. The knowledge of heat-transfer rate and Fourier law were employed to determine the lengths of other (unknown) rods. The calculated lengths agreed with the actual values of the lengths of the rods values within 93 to 99.33 percent. The results obtained from the experiment showed that the amount of heat-transfer in the rods depends on the lengths, sizes, and the materials from which the rods were made.

Keywords: Thermal Conductivity, metal rods, heat-transfer rate, Steady State Method