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The observed relationship between Ozone layer with Meteorological Parameters and Solar Falayi E. O, Egunjobi K. A, Sowole O, Majekodunmi J. T and Ojoniyi O. S. (pages 265-270)
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The relationship between the Ozone layer and meteorological parameters (rainfall, relative humidity, cloud cover, maximum and minimum temperature), also the contribution of Ozone layer with solar indices (sunspot number and solar flux) were examined for 12 years (1999-2010) for Ikeja over Nigeria. The enhancement of surface ozone concentration has been observed in association with the increasing sunspot numbers. This feature is more significant in May, July, September and October. We observed strong correlations between the Ozone layer with rainfall, relative humidity, cloud cover,  maximum and minimum temperature with values of 0.531, 0.668, 0.512 0.586 and 0.551 respectively. The relationship between Ozone with sunspot number and solar flux were 0.677 and 0.474. The accuracy of the regression is tested by computing MBE, RMSE and t-test statistic for each of the variables with standard techniques...

Keywords: Ozone layer, solar flux, sunspot number and Meteorological Parameter