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Radial Solution of the s-wave D-Dimensional Non-Relativistic Schrodinger Equation for Generalized Manning-Rosen plus Mie-type NucleiPotential within the framework B. I. Ita., B. E. Nyong.,H. Louis.,T. O. Magu.,N. A.Nzeata-Ibe a
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We present the bound state solution of Schrodinger equation in D-dimension for generalized Manning-Rosen plus Mie-typepotential using the generalized parametric Nikiforov–Uvarov method to obtain the energy levels and the corresponding un-normalizedeigenfunction in closed form. The energy eigenvalues for different conditions of potential consideration and the numerical analysis for the calculated eigen energy are also computed.

Keywords: Schrodinger equation, Mie-type plus Manning-Rosen potential, Nikifarov-Uvarov Method.