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Mathematical Model on Premium Motor Spirit Dispensing: The Nigeria Situation by F.Z. Okwonu (pages 187-192)
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This paper focused on the problem of under dispensing (under delivery) ofpremium motor spirit (PMS) otherwise called FUEL, the effectand remedy. The short, medium and long term approaches as it affects the Nigeria consumers. The objective of this paper is to develop comparative models for dispensing pms with little input from the regulatory agencies. The aim of this model is to dispense the exact quantity ofpms in litersto potential customers. This model will enhance car parts manufacturing firms or automobile manufacturing companies to develop and installed the device in future cars. The device read correspondingly with the exact measureable quantity oflitersbased on the department of petroleum resources (DPR) measuring device (Seraphin Can in digital form).It indicates the number of liters of pms left in the vehicle and also indicate the quantity of pms purchased instantly. The implication is that every Nigerian purchasing pmswill be confident of the exact quantity of fuelpurchased; this on the other hand will reduce the cost of monitoring private pms marketers that engaged in sharp practices. In general, we proposed that in the near future all vehicles should be designed to have this device installed. The advantage of this model is numerous, it is capable of indicating precisely the quantity of pms consumed from Warri to Lagos and otherwise.It also reveals the pms dispensing stations with slow burning fuel (quality fuel) and fast burning fuel (adulterated fuel), this will enable potential customers to patronize the best pms stations. In general, the model has numerousadvantages and few disadvantages. One of suchdisadvantage maybe argument over which of the measuring device is accurate or not hence this is the area government and its regulatory agencies need to support this project. 

Keywords: Premium motor spirit; Dispensing; Under dispensing;Liters; Device