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Chemical Reaction Effect on Natural Convective Flow between Fixed Vertical Plates with suction and injection by S. K. Ahmad, B. Y. Isah and M. M. Altine (pages 131-140)
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This study investigates the effect of chemical reaction on the natural convective flow between two fixed vertical porous plates. The continuity, momentum, energy and concentration equations were used as the governing equations. The dimensionless forms of the equations were solved analytically using Perturbation method in order to obtain the velocity, temperature, and concentration. Expressions for the Skin-friction, Nusselt number, and Sherwood number were derived. Furthermore, Effects of assisting free convective current Grmagnetic fieldM, Prandtl number Pr, chemical reactionR suction/injectionδ, sustention parameter N and Schmidt number on heat and mass transfer in the flow were discussed and presented graphically.

KEYWORDS: Chemical Reaction, suction /injection, Natural Convection, Vertical plates.