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On the Uni-direction Model of Extreme Wave Profile for Freak Wave Events Induced by the Ocean Current.BY Ejinkonye I.O. and2Ifidon E.O.(pages 85-94)
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This study is essentially on the theory of ocean waveinduced by current in deep water. Both frequency, group and phase velocity dispersion curves were analyzed and displayed. Using non-dimensional wave parameters, it is deduced mathematically that the inducing ocean current and the interacting sea wave must be in opposition with regards to their respective phase speed. This result is in agreement with observation. The wave number at the point of blocking is calculated and deduced to be a function of the current speed.

A one–dimensional ray equations governing the evolution of wave packet interacting with ocean current, in addition, was analyzed. The solution confirms the existence of the focusing point earlier mentioned. The distance for which the monochromatic wave packet can penetrate into the current before being halted by opposing ocean current is also derived. At the blocking zone (caustic), it is proved in this study that, not only is the wave amplitude very large, the wavelength which is then proportional to the square of current velocity is similarly large. This is more pronounced in the event of strong ocean current.

Keywords; Rogue Wave, Ocean current, Dispersion, Caustic, Wave packets.