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Analytical Solutions and Moments Analysis of Two-Dimensional General Rate Model for Chromatographic Columns of Cylindrical Geometry Considering Dirichlet Boundary Condition by Uche U. D, Okechi F. N, Uche M, and Omoniwa B.(pages 65-76)
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This work is concerned with the analytical solutions of a two dimensional general rate model simulating liquid chromatographic process in a cylindrical column considering dirichlet boundary condition at the column inlet and outlet. A single-solute model is considered using linear isotherm and pulse injection of finite width at the column inlet. The finite Hankel and Laplace transformations are used simultaneously to solve the model equations. Since the analytical Laplace inversion in the actual time domain is not possible, the numerical inversion is applied. To further analyze the effect of different kinetic parameters on the elution profiles, the first four temporal moments are derived analytically from the solutions in the Laplace domain. These moments can be used to analyze the retention times, band broadenings, front asymmetries and flattening of the elution profiles. The derived solutions will be useful to optimize the process and analyze the effect of involved mass transfer processes. 

Keywords: General rate model, moments analysis, mass transfer, linear isotherms.