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The Stability of Triangular Points in the Elliptic Restricted Three-Body Problem (ER3BP) with Oblateness Zonal Harmonic Up To J_4 of the Bigger Primary by Tyokyaa K. Richard and Yusuf A. Bichi (pages 371-378)
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We examine the effect of oblateness of the primaries on the triangular points of an oblate system in the elliptic restricted three-body problem (ER3BP) with zonal harmonics up to J4 of the bigger primary. Using numerical value for the systems: Earth-Moon, Sun-Earth and Sun-Jupiter, the effects of the oblateness of the octupolar mass moment (J_4) of the bigger primary in the ER3BP are explored. The triangular points are stable in the range0<μ≤μ_c, the positions of the triangular points and stability of the system are seen to be affected by the oblateness, eccentricity and the semi-major axis thereby making the size of the region of stability of the triangular points to decrease with increase in the values of J_4 and the parameters involved.

Keywords: Celestial Mechanics, triangular points, oblateness, zonal harmonics