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Calculation of Concentration-Concentration Fluctuation Scc(0) And Deviation In Scc(0) from Ideal Solution Values Using Two Atoms Cluster Model (TACM) For Li-Mg and K-Na Liquid Alloys by O.W. Abodunrin and S.S. Oluyamo (Pages 331-336)
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The thermodynamic model based on cluster of two atoms is considered with the view to obtaining deviations in Scc(0) from ideal values. Concentration-concentration fluctuation; Scc(0) of two binary molten alloys was successfully calculated. Literature data for thermodynamic properties of these alloys are evaluated based on cluster of two atoms for each system with the view to obtaining concentration-concentration fluctuation; Scc(0) enumerating the low order atomic correlation in the nearest neighbour shell of liquid binary alloys with the highlights of deviation in Scc(0) of these alloys. The values of Scc(0) for Li-Mg through the entire concentration are positive but smaller than the ideal values, the values of Scc(0) for K-Na are also positive but greater than the ideal values. The indication of the deviation in Scc(0) for Li-Mg suggest hetercoordination ,the implication of the deviation in Scc(0) for K-Na suggests homocoordination in the nearest neighbour shell. The values of deviation in Scc(0) for Li-Mg alloy throughout the composition range are negative  and positive for K-Na alloy. The Scc(0) and deviation in Scc(0) for Li-Mg and K-Na alloys are presented.

    Keywords: Concentration-concentration fluctuation, deviation in concentration- concentration fluctuation, two     atoms cluster model