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Performance of a Reservoir Subject to Simultaneous Two-Edged and Bottom Water Drive Mechanisms Edo, T. M and Adewole E. S (Pages 301-310)
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The objective of this study is to analyzing the performance of a reservoir subject to simultaneous two edged and bottom water drive mechanism in terms of pressure distribution for the purpose of optimizing oil production. Source and Green’s functions are utilized in deriving the dimensionless pressure expressions for reservoir with double edged and bottom water drive. It is assumed that the horizontal well is centrally located with the two edged water occurring both at the toe and at the heel of the well. Influences of reservoir and wellbore properties are investigated for infinite-acting flow and after infinite-acting flow conditions. Results show that, the period of infinite activity is extended if the reservoir is much larger than the length of the well and the wellbore radius is small. Furthermore, dimensionless time of attainment of steady state for all well design is strongly dependent on the reservoir extent and the reservoir anisotropy under constant rate regime.