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Geophysical Determination of Sand Deposits Using 2-Dimensional Electrical Resistivity Imaging in Ologbo Area of Edo State, Nigeria by Ezomo F.O., Adagbon J.E. and Abriku E.O (Pages 285-290)
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Subsurface earth’s imaging was carried out in Ologbo area of Edo State using Electrical Resistivity method in order to determine deposits of sand. The equipment employed for taking the Electrical resistivity imaging data was the PZ-02(D.C.) Earth Resistivity meter using the Wenner-Schlumberger array with maximum current electrode separation fixed at 100m in the sites investigated. The data obtained were interpreted using ZONDRES2D computer software. The results from the two profile lines investigated in the area, showed sand deposits with probable depth from top ranging between 0.6m – 5.5m and thickness between 2.3m - 4.5m with resistivity varying between 300Ωm -1000Ωm. The interpreted result correlated well with geologic and lithologic data/logs acquired from the survey area.

Keywords: Gamma radiation, absorbed dose, Geiger-Muller tube (GMT).