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Measuring ICT Maturity of Nigerian Service Firms Using ICT Maturity Model of SMEs and the Analytical Hierarchical Process Model by Godspower O. Ekuobase1 and Victor A. Olutayo (Pgaes 213-222)
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A key challenge within the service industry is how the benefits from ICT adoption and diffusion (ICT value) relate to the degree of adoption and diffusion of ICT (ICT maturity). This has resulted in the uncertainty of value generation from investments on ICT leading to ICT mis-planning and disaster. For sustainable improvement of ICT based service delivery in Nigeria therefore, the ICT maturity index of the Nigerian service industry has to be measured. The ICT maturity of selected service firms listed in the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has been measured adapting the ICT Maturity model of Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by using the Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) model was used to determine the weights of the four main factors that constitute the ICT maturity model against the original equal weighting of the factors.  The results showed that the Nigerian service industry is web based in ICT maturity with an index of about 0.78, an implication that ICT penetration and usage in the Nigerian service industry has reached an advanced stage.

Keywords: Service industry, Nigeria, ICT maturity, ICT maturity model and AHP.