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DTM-Pade Solution for Heat Transfer of Hydromagnetic Flow Over a Vertical Plate by Idowu A.S, Dada M.S, Babalola O.T, Yusuf T.A and Are E.B (Pages 153-162)
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This study deals with heat transfer of hydromagneticflow over a vertical plate. The similarity solution is used to transform the system of partial differential equations to ordinary nonlinear differential equations. The non-linear equation of the flow field had been solved using Differential transformation method empoweredby Pade approximants which compared well with the fourth order Runge-Kuttamethod. The results are presented graphically and discussed. It is found thatpower index, variable magnetic field, Prandtl and other quantities of physical interest significantly influenced the velocity and temperature profile.

Keywords: Heat transfer, DTM-Pade, MHD flow, Steady flow