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Modeling and Analytical Simulation of Hydromagnetic Free Convection Flow of Viscous Incompressible Fluid Past an Infinite Vertical Plate by A.A. Dauda and A.A. Mohammed (Pages 135-142)
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Hydromagnetic is concerned with the interaction of electrically conducting fluids and electromagnetic forces. In this research work, we consider the unsteady hydromagnetic free convection flow of viscous incompressible fluid past an infinite vertical plate. We assume the fluid to be electrically conducting and the plate to be moving with uniform velocity and kept at constant temperature.We prove the existence and uniqueness of solution by actual solution method. The governing equations describing this phenomenon are solved analytically using Self-similar solution and Frobenius method. The results obtained are presented graphically and discussed. We observed that velocity decreases as Magnetic number, which is the ratio of magnetic field to the viscous force, increases. Also the temperature decreases as the Prandtl number, which is the ratio of momentum and thermal diffusivities, increases while temperature increases as the Eckert number, which is the ratio of kinetic energy of the flow relative to the boundary layer enthalpy differences, increases.

Keywords: Hydromagnetic, free convection, unsteady state, similarity solution, Frobenius method