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Impact of Multiple Control Strategies on the Mathematical Modelling of Cholera Transmission Dynamics with Asymptotic Transmission by Bakare E.A, Are E.B and Osanyilusi S (Pages 107-116)
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A non-linear system of ordinary differential mathematical model of cholera transmission dynamics with multiple control variables and asymptotic transmission was formulated and analysed. Stability of the disease free and endemic equilibrium locally were determined . Using the next generation matrix method, the basic reproduction number and effective reproduction number were computed. Whenever the basic reproduction number was less than one then the cholera eventually would disappear from the population but if it was greater than one the disease will persist in the population and more people will die. Influence of asymptotic transmission on the dynamics of cholera transmission were also investigated and finally, the numerical simulations to illustrate our analytical findings were performed.

Keywords: Asymptotic transmission, Basic reproduction number, Disease free equilibrium, Next generation matrix, Numerical simulation.