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A Seamless Two Way Information Infrastructure for a Waste Management Agency by Aweh O., Omorogiuwa O. and Anyadighibe M.(pages 373-378)
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This study undertook an evaluation of the information management infrastructure of a waste management agency that has invested substantially on this infrastructure with the objective of boosting its services. The study observed that the agency needed a reliable and affordable communication facility between itself and its teeming clients to achieve its desired effectiveness and efficiency. At the moment there is no Waste Management Agency using a two way Simple Message Service in Nigeria. And based on the knowledge that the web and mobile devices currently constitute reliable ubiquitous information dissemination and retrieval infrastructure, a seamless Web based two way Simple Message Service (SMS) solution was conceptualized. The conceptualized solution was then specified and designed using generic data flow diagrams and activities/process flow diagrams respectively. The system was subsequently implemented using appropriate software development environment that allowed for the integration of third parties Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that were required to leverage third party services. The developed system was then tested first on the local development environment, and then on the productive environment to be able to ascertain the desired third party services. The implementation of the system showed that the seamless two way communication functionality desired was achieved.

Keywords:Solid Waste, Seamless Two Way Communication, Application Programming Interfaces, Effective and Efficient Evacuation Services, Environment Protection and Preservation.