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Generating a New Class of Orthogonal Polynomials with Recurrence Relation by Adeyefa Emmanuel Oluseye, Adeniyi Rapheal Babatunde, Abolarin Olusola Ezekiel, Akinola Lukman Shina and Udoye Adaobi Mmachukwu (Pages 81-84)
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This paper presents the derivation of a new class of orthogonal polynomials named ADEM-A orthogonal polynomials,   valid in the interval [-1, 1] with respect to weight function . The analysis of some basic properties of the polynomials shows that the polynomials are symmetrical depending on whether index n in   is even or odd. The recurrence relation of the class of the polynomials is presented and a brief review of the formulation of existing scheme is considered to test the applicability of the polynomials.

                AMS Subject Classification:  65L05, 65L06

                Keywords: ADEM-A, Orthogonal polynomials, Weight function