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Study on the Application of Public Cloud Services in Education Process by Adamu Aminu and Haruna Abdu (pages 365-372)
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To improve the quality of education in today’s world, educational institutions must adopt modern ICT facilities in teaching and learning processes. Unfortunately most of the existing ICT infrastructures and their supporting software packages are very expensive and many learning institutions especially in the developing countries cannot afford to purchase and maintain them. Thanks to cloud computing technology which is set to revolutionize the education sector, many less privileged institutions can be able to enjoy the use of modern ICT facilities in teaching and learning processes at a little or no cost. This paper explores some possible ways of adopting cloud computing services in teaching and learning processes. For each of the cloud service model, a concrete example is provided on how it can be used in education process. Study of the cloud computing companies providing various cloud services for education was also conducted.

Keywords:Cloud Computing, Education Process, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service.