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Evaluation of Geotechnical Properties on the Development of Gully Erosion by Audu H.A.P, Izilein E. E. and Ehiorobo J. O. (pages 347-354)
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This studyexamined the effects of Geotechnical properties on the development of gully erosion in Auchi Metropolis of Edo State, Nigeria.Soil samples were collected from the gully site of the study area using disturbed sampling method and were taken to Geotechnical Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department,University of Beninfor various tests.The tests,which includedspecific gravity, particle size distribution, Atterberg limit, compaction and permeability,were carried out in accordance with the British Standard (BS) Method of testing Soil for Civil Engineering Purposes, BS 1377.The results of the specific gravity of the soils at the gully erosion siterange from 2.56 to 2.72, while that of percentage sieve sizes of 0.075mm and 1.18mm range from 5.18% to 26.58% and 95% to 99.84% respectively. The coefficient of Uniformity (Cu) and Coefficient of Curvature (Cc) were 2.83 and 0.039 respectively. The Optimum Moisture Content(OMC) ranges from 9.60% to 14% while the values of Maximum Dry Density (MDD) were between1.58% to 1.99%. These results indicate the abundance of coarse particles in the study area. The soils are predominantly sandy with a mixture of coarse to fine grains, non-plastic, poorly graded, high porosity, very susceptible to soil erosion, highly erodible by water erosion. These results are in conformity with the results of other researchers on related subject matters.

Keywords:Gully erosion,Soilerodibility, Surface runoff, Consistency test, Compaction.