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A family of L_0Stable Third Derivative Block Methods For Solving Systems of First Order Initial Value Problems by R.I. Abdulganiy, O.A. Akinfenwa and S.A. Okunuga (Pages 47-54)
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This paper presents a family of L_0- Stable based on Simpson’s Third Derivative Block Methods (CSTDBM) for the solution of first order initial value problems. The approch uses the linear multistep collocation technique to generate the main continuous Simpson’s Third Derivative Method (CSTDM) which is then used to obtain the complementary methods which are assembled into a single block matrix equation which are L_0 Stable. The performance of the proposed CSTDBM are demonstrated on some numerical examples to show their accuracy and  efficiency.

                AMS Subject Classification (2010): 65L05 65L06

Keywords: Block Methods; L_0- Stable;  continuous Simpson’s Third Derivative Method