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Modelfor Layered Reservoir Subject toBottomWaterDriveUsing Horizontal Wells by E.D Akpobi, E.S Adewoleand O.A Olafuyi (pages 311-322)
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In this paper,mathematical models describing the pressure behaviour of two layered reservoir subject to a bottom waterdrive is developedandpresented.TheSource Function Method wasutilised in this study.The nature of the interface between the layers (permeable or impermeable)was also investigated. Results from the study showed thatas layer permeability ratio (k1:k2) decreases with increasing well length, layers withhigher permeability responded with increased pressure for impermeable interface (nocrossflow systems) and decreased pressure for permeable interface(crossflowsystem). A number of flow periods prevailed, but for crossflow system,both layers exhibited a compulsory steady state flow period at latetimes.Results from this study canbe applied in well test analysis procedures.

Keywords:Model, layered reservoir, waterdrive,horizontal well.