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Effects of Pressure on Attenuation of Seismic Waves through Consolidated Sedimentary Rocks from Ewekoro Formation, Nigeria by Olorode D. O. Aregbede A. S. and Akintunde O.A. (pages 301-310)
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Effects of pressure on the Attenuation of Seismic waves propagating three different rock samples from the upper crust in Ewekoro formation are investigated. The frequencywas varied from 1Hz to 100MHz while the pressure was varied from atmospheric 9.7kPa to 27.9kPa. The Continuous Wave Transmission and Spectral Amplitude wave-ratio techniques were employed to determine the Attenuation Coefficient k, for each rock sample. Attenuation Coefficients were plotted against frequency on scatter diagrams. Results show that sandstone attenuated the most at 2.73 and closely followed by limestone 2.25; while shale is the least attenuated at 1.99. In all three cases, attenuation decreases (Q-factor increases) with increasing confining shear pressure.

Keywords: Attenuation coefficient, Confining Shear Pressure, Q-Factor, Spectral Amplitude