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Derivation of the Thin Dike Self-Potential (SP) Expression from the Thick Dipping Dike Expression by Makinde V., Coker J.O., Aina J.O, Akinboro F.G., Okeyode I.C., Alabi A.A., Layade G.O., Ogunkoya C.O. and Bello A.M (pages 287-290)
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Hitherto the derivation of the analytical expression of the self-potential (SP) anomaly over a thin dipping dike had been viewed as not related to, but distinctively different from the same over a thick dipping dike. This work derived and deduced the thin dike SP anomaly expression from the thick dike SP anomaly expression. The result shows the inter-relationship between the two, and is consistent with results obtained by previous authors.

Keywords: Self Potential, thin dike, thick dike, anomaly, expression.