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Threshold Analysis of Poverty and Crime Model by M.O. Ibrahim and H. O. Edogbanya (pages 261-268)
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The concept of basic reproduction number occupies a fundamental place in epidemic theory, the value of R0 determine the proportion of the population that becomes infected over course of epidemic. Here we obtained the R0 using the next generation matrix method, and this was used as a threshold parameter to determined the threshold between crime extinction and outbreak. 

We computed an expression for the threshold and sensitivity analysis of the model, this was used to examined, specifically the impact of poverty and longer prison terms and incarceration rate on the prevalence of crime.

It was observed that those parameters that shows a decline in reproduction number are those that when put in place, can actually reduce the outbreak of crime in the population. If government policies can be centered on improving these parameters, the crime rate will reduce in this nation.

Keywords: Crime, Poverty, Reproduction number, Threshold, Sensitivity