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The Effect of Harmattan on the Variation of Outdoor Measurement of Background Gamma Radiation with Selected Meteorological Parameters by Osahon O.D., Abiola J.A. and Alile O.M. (pages 247-252)
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This paper examines the effect of harmattan on the variationin background gamma radiation with some meteorological parametersin an open field within University of Benin, Ugbowo Campus, Benin City.An in-situ measurementof background gamma radiation was carried out with a Digital Geiger counter GCA-07 model, calibrated with Cesium-137 (〖137〗_Cs) with a confidence interval of ±5 % alongside with a calibrated Digilert-50 nuclear radiation monitor. Four measurementsof count per minute(cpm)and dose rate were made daily in the morning, afternoon, evening and mid-night respectively for the months of January (during harmattan) and March (no harmattan). Simultaneously, the ambient temperature and relative humidity were measured by means of an electronic thermo-hygrometer, model THC-20 manufactured by Shenzhen Tonglixing, China. The GCA-07 recorded a maximum mean exposure dose rate of 1.366 mSv/yr and 1.392 mSv/yr while the Digilert-50 recorded maximum dose rates of 1.349 mSv/yr and 1.366 mSv/yr for the months of January and March respectively. These values are lower than the internationally allowed background gamma radiation exposure standard of 5 mSv/yrand the worldwide average background radiation dose to humans which is 2.4 mSv/yr. A positive correlation (r=0.8979GCA-07 and r=0.8931Digilert-50) between cumulative doseand mean temperature was established for the month of March (no harmattan) and a negative correlation (r=0.8052GCA-07 and r=0.8021Digilert-50) between cumulative doseand mean relative humiditywas established for the month of January (during harmattan). Attempts to obtain correlation between cumulative dose and mean temperature for the month of January (during harmattan), and mean relative humidity for the month of March (no harmattan) were unsuccessful.

Keywords: Background gamma radiation, harmattan, ambient temperature,relative humidity, count per minute, cumulative dose.