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Analytical Study of n-Cu2O layer produced by Boiling and Chemical Bath Heating Techniques by I.M. Musa, I.I. Ibrahim and S. S. Abdullahi (pages 235-240)
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Cuprous oxide (Cu2O) thin films with n-type conductivity are prepared on copper plate using CuSO4 solution by boiling and chemical bath heating techniques for one hour followed by annealing at 250℃ for two hours. The films produce were analyzed using SEM and XRD machines. The results shows the film produced by chemical bath method is purely Cu2O layer with peaks at different diffraction angles ranging from 2θ=10°-50° without any impurity, However it is observed that the films producedis composed of grains of different sizes which were improved by annealing the samples at 250℃.  On the other hand the films produced by boiling method has larger grains size with CuO impurity at 2θ=52.5o. it was also observed that there is weakening and washing away of the deposited layer on extending the deposition time longer than 60minutes in boiling method.