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Experimental Investigation of Drying Ratesof Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Dryers III: MultivariateModelling Equation by F.G.Akinboro1, A. O. Mustapha, P. O. Ezepue, V.Makinde, I. C. Okeyode,A A. Alabi and O.O Alatise (pages 225-234)
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Drying process is influenced by many factors which include environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed and pressure; type of the equipment employedand properties of the materials being dried, such as moisture content and surface area. Many studies have been carried out on drying technologies, especially drying curves and modelling equations, most of which havefocused on univariate analysis employing only mosture ratio and time as variables as dependent and independent variables, respectively. This paper focuses on multivariate drying analysis with the modelling equationincorporating physicalparameters such as Humidity, Temperature and wind speed, using constructedsolar energy thermal dryer and solar Photovoltaic assisted dryer equipment.The experimental data obtained were used to model the drying rate as a function of identified influencing factors. Multivariatedrying equationsand related error analyses,which can assist in the prediction of behavior and performance of both the agriculural product and the dryer equipment under different climatic conditions, were obtained for each of a system of seven colour-differentiateddryersconsidered in the study.

Keywords:Climatic conditions, Drying technologies, Modelling Equation, Photovoltaic, Dryers.