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Analytic Method for Determination of LumbarSpine’s Curvature(Lordosis) and the Vertebral Rotational Range of Motion (ROM) by M.M. Izam,M.Y. Mafuyai, Y.Y. Jabil and N.Y.Gurumdimma (pages 209-214)
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In this paper, consideration is given to the geometric and mechanical properties of the lumbar spine to derive the mathematical equations that can be used to estimate the lordosis and the rotational range of motion of the lumbar spine. the equations are simple and strait forward. only two parameters- the length of the lumbar spine and of the chord formed by the lumbar spine are required and these can easily be determined from a radiographic image of the lumbar spine. Our results made it possible for us to define two types of range of motion which can allow for more comprehensive analysis of abnormality.

Keywords:Lumbar spine, Curvature, Lordosis, Range of motion,Osculating circle, MATLAB.